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Q1. What are LunchAD's media platform? LunchAD's media platform are disposable take-away F&B containers made from eco-friendly paper boards. Example: Food boxes, soup bowls, drink cups, trays, plates, etc.
Q2. Is LunchAD an Outdoor Media or Indoor Media? LunchAD Media is BOTH an Outdoor Media as well as an Indoor media. Food purchased from restaurants, hawker centres, food courts, coffee shops etc., are consumed at homes, offices, schools or out in the field.
Q3. How can we be sure of viewership? LunchAD, unlike other "Push" printed media, (e.g. leaflets or tissue paper etc.) which are given FREE toconsumers whom are usually on the go, either throw them away or put away, and are not really read. LunchAD's are actually both Push and Pull media. Paidby consumers because of their food inside it. (Push by the vendor) the colourful printings appearing in front of the consumers (Pull by the graphics) are seen beforeand after consuming the food - at least 2 times. Such Pullviewership multiplies when more people dines together also seeing the Ads
Q4. How efficient is LunchAD's reach and penetration? LunchAD's are FREE to vendors. It, on one hand saves money for the vendors, and on the other hand makes money for the vendors, as some charge $0.20 for a take-away containers, like Lunch.AD's box, bowls n cups. Such enticements are hard to resist and we have so far ZERO rejects from Vendors. Whether be it at food courts, hawker centers, school canteens or factory canteens etc.*
Q5. How efficient is LunchAD's targeted distribution? LunchAD's unique selling point is Targeted Distribution Capabilities. May it be by specific locations?
E.g. Group of schools, CBD areas, Tourist locations, industrial parks etc..
Targeted brand chains like cafés, drinks, coffee or food court chains etc..
* We also offer co-brandings with SME & MNC chains

Q6. How can advertisers be sure of accurate distribution of LunchAD? another Unique Selling Point of LunchAD's is its Proof of Deliveries. Deliveries to vendors are by professional delivery service providers. They are paid by piece rated based upon receipt delivered to the Targeted location, vendor, quantity and at the given time belt. Missed ones are compensated by the delivery provider = Zero Wastage.
Q7. Is the quality of material used for making LunchAD Food Safety compliance? Yes, LunchAD's are used by the SAF, and are made from materials that are USA certified FDA compliance by USA mills. Plus, lab test certificationsin Singapore by SGS international & DSTA (Defence Science Technology Agency of Singapore).
Q8. How popular is LunchAD products in the market? After more than 10 years in the market, producing about 14,000,000pcs p.a.Lunch.AD products have become the number ONE eco-friendly paper food containers used by most F&B chains and government agencies in Singapore. Including the Army, Navy, Air-force and local food chains.*SAF testimonial*.
Q9. How does the LunchAD's Lucky Draw engine work? 1. Contestants scan the Lucky draw code or QR code, fill in some particulars to complete. Winners will be notified on-line.
2. Contest organiser views the amount of contestants and draws by random on-line run by special Apps developed by LunchAD Media
3. Contest organizers will then be handed over the full details of all contestant AFTER the draw. FOC.

Q10. How is LunchAD eco-friendly? Besides the Green Innovation Award.
1. Paper is intrinsically biodegradable and recyclable. It is a nature's renewable, sustainable source of raw material.
2. Our paper also originates from renewed forest plantations, thus, 100% Born Green products. *FSC certified*.

Q11. Is the charity matter a gimmick? Who are the official partners? LunchAD Media's Best Creative CSR Award 2014, for its creative CSR concept known as 5for5 CSR initiative have gain supports from various government and NGO partners like NVPC and NCSS. LunchAD Media pledged 2,000,000 media space under the 5for5 CSR initiative. 2013 & 2014