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LunchAD is a member of Association of Media Owners (Singapore) a new media concept patented by LunchAD Media Pte Ltd wholly own by Microwave Packaging (S) Pte Ltd.

Our aim is to provide alternative of ECO friendly food containers, in a form of ECO friendly media as well as a Social responsible Charity.Give business model in Singapore.

Our Mission
  1. Be Creative, Inventive, Innovative plus incorporation of modern technologies, build a business that is new, vibrant, social responsible.
  2. Green responsible and Social responsible, benefiting all levels of a modern society.
  3. Little contributions, small sums at a time for long term sustainability.
Our Business
  1. By converting conventional NON ECO FRIENDLY disposable F&B containers to ECO FRIENDLY paper ones = GREEN responsibility.
  2. By converting such ECO FRIENDLY F&B containers into a New form of advertising medium that achieves 100% viewership / hit rates.
  3. Revenues from advertisements subsidise Cost = more affordable and more profits for food vendors using them.
  4. Creating a hands-on experience, where advertiser gets to nominates NPO recipients of their choice. *

  5. * LunchAD Media is an official corporate donor of
Our Hope
  1. We hope that consumers and corporations will support ECO friendly activities by supporting and adopting eco friendly packaging containers as Green Packaging
  2. Corporations support LunchAD Media as a Green Media and Social Charity media as part of corporation’s SCR contribution to our society. On TV.